Ubiquitous Mass of Us

Both experimental theatre and a movement piece rooted in Gaga, Ubiquitous Mass of Us can only be described as an experience.  A live journey.

Maree ReMalia, director of merrygogo and Ubiquitous Mass of Us, first inspired me during her duet performance with Hyunjung Lee, titled “Slants.”  Throughout this piece I found myself tickled and welling with laughter while at the same time carrying this underlying discomfort that is the result of perfect, challenging art.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed when Maree approached me about costuming her next work that was to be presented as part of the CSA Performance Series at the New Hazlett Theatre.  For one year the team of trained dancers, street movers, writers, artists, performers, and thinkers worked. Researched. Workshopped. Tested. Reconsidered. Expanded upon.

My role was to get to know each performer and design looks that took the authenticity of each individual’s own personality and exaggerate the expression just a touch. Bright color and vivid prints were a must. The challenge was to design a palette by combining prints that made sense together. Trippy, yes — but in a way that worked and honored each mover.  They could not all blend together into chaos.

What an utter delight to work with this cast of characters!  These are some of the kindest and most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with.  The opening performance was beyond alive. The performers were committed and they played all over that theatre. The feedback of uproarious laughter from the audience made the whole experience vibe on another level.