postcontent: I’m a middle-aged downtowner trying his best to persuade a lady into a date here and there. I knew my schitzo closet was probably not helping. So, Rachel came over and removed three garbage bags worth of fashion awkwardness (i.e. shirts with blinding sheen, a leather suit, old man ties). Then she and her perky assistant took the salvageable items and matched them up to create as many opportunities as possible. We took pictures of this complex webbing of ties with shirts with sweaters with pants with jackets… She also took careful notes on items we could purchase to fill in holes. Since then she’s accompanied me on three outings to shop for clothing. On our first outing the friends and family discount she gains at some places actually more than paid her fees. Pre-Vallozzi – I might utilize as little as 25% of the clothes I bought. Post-Vallozzi – I’m closer to 85% utilization of our purchases. So, I think her services are not only fun and informative, but also cost-effective. Pre-Vallozzi – maybe one date per month. Post-Vallozzi – Exhausted. I think that says it all.