Street Style Pairs Flatforms with Twist Front Skirt

Triple Stack FlatformsTriple Stack Flatforms

I have been enjoying this white sneaker craze, but had to make it my own by going on (literally) a world wide search for flatform chucks, Turns out, at least during the exact moment of my search, Converse was not making white hightop flatforms, but a knock-off company in Korea selling on Ebay was! Almost impossible to clock these as knock offs, the detail that gave it away was the inner zippers. Whatevs, I’m in love with these kicks and salute this company for making my daydreams a reality.

90's Crop Top and Vintage Choker90’s Crop Top and Vintage Choker

The shape of the straps and fabric of this thrifted crop top scream 90s in a good way. Paired with the vintage silver choker and waist belt with draping silver chains, this thrift store combo was ready for the street.

Twist Front Asymmetrical Salt and Pepper SkirtTwist Front Asymmetrical Salt and Pepper Skirt

An unexpected Marshalls score last summer, the twist front asymmetrical skirt has been a staple in my warm-day wardrobe. I love the interesting shape and the extra fabric in the back ensures I will always have the coverage I need.