Personal Styling

Personal StylingPersonal Styling

Personal Styling is part of both a closet consultation and personal shopping, but can be executed in the most complete way possible when all the items from your closet and shopping trip are brought together in one final session.

Taking the new you a step further

After shopping for or with you, Rachel will return to your closet. She will combine items you already own with new purchases, maximizing your wardrobe’s potential.

Making it easy to look great — every day

You won’t have to remember all these outfits! Rachel will take reference photos of all your new looks. You can print your photos and display them in your closet, or make a file on your iPad, computer, or phone to reference each time you get dressed.  They’ll even be grouped by the types of occasions you’ll be dressing for, eliminating the stress of deciding what to wear.

If putting together comprehensive, coordinated outfits eludes you, yet you admire when other people pull it off, let Rachel design these looks for you.

Rachel’s services are billed at a rate of $200/hour. Visit the pricing page for more info.