Personal Shopping

Personal ShoppingPersonal Shopping

Rachel will first determine if you are looking for a complete closet update or shopping for something more specific – a conference, a weekend in New York, an important meeting or interview.

Wardrobe overhaul

Rachel designs the personal shopping experience around what you want and what will make your wardrobe feel comfortable, fit your lifestyle, transcend seasons, bring out your confidence, and provide versatility.

Starting with a closet consultation eliminates the risk of buying multiples of items you already own.  However, if you prefer to start with personal shopping, it’s up to you. Rachel will have a quick discussion with you before hitting the stores and ask you the same questions she would ask at the closet consultation.

Multiple Ways to Shop

Personal shopping is most efficient when Rachel hits the stores an hour or two before you. She’ll gather all the items on your list. Then you’ll meet up, try the clothes on, make adjustments, and decide what to buy.

If you would rather be there for the full experience, you have the option of shopping with Rachel the entire time.

If you hate shopping altogether, Rachel will shop for you. She will bring the clothes to you for a fitting, then return what you don’t want and make any necessary adjustments.

If you want to have a closet consultation, develop your must-have list, and shop on your own, that’s an option, too. Rachel will come back to your closet to evaluate your purchases and offer a personal style consultation based on what you bought.

Benefits of Personal Shopping with Rachel

  • Store Expertise: She knows the layouts and price points of local stores, as well as what and when they stock.
  • Relationships: She knows store owners and sales associates, and that means better service (and sometimes extra discounts!).
  • No Pressure: Rachel acts as a filter between you and the sales associate. She knows the right questions to ask and can fend off pushy salespeople.
  • Efficiency: Rachel’s eye is trained to identify colors, styles, patterns, and textures amid racks of clothes, which makes for quick shopping. If you hate shopping, she can do it for you!
  • Focus: She focuses on the items that will actually improve your wardrobe, filtering out what you don’t need or won’t wear.
  • Value: Rachel can shop for any budget. She knows where to get similar items for less and what brands stand the test of time. As the creator of an upcycled vintage fashion line, Rachel knows the local thrift stores like no one else.

Rachel’s services are billed at a rate of $200/hour. Visit the pricing page for more info.