Closet Consultations

Closet ConsultationsCloset Consultations

A closet consultation is a great place to start. It helps you discover and build from what you already own, and Rachel gains an understanding of your personal preferences and lifestyle.

She will view your closet with a fresh eye and pull together clothes and accessory combos you may not have tried. She will also make a list of suggested purchases that will complete outfits or fill out seasonal and special-occasion needs.

When she comes across items that you don’t wear and are not worth building outfits around, she’ll help you decide whether they should be donated or taken to the local consignment store.

The end result is an efficient, functional wardrobe that makes sense to you!

How can I prepare for a closet consultation?

A closet consultation is about making the most of your wardrobe. Taking a little bit of time to prepare can help you get tons more out of it. These preparation tips aren’t mandatory, but they’ll make for a more efficient consultation.

  • Group all like items into sections in your closet: skirts, short sleeve shirts, collar button up shirts, pants, leggings, blazers, etc.
  • Make a pile of pieces you love and want to wear but you don’t know what to wear them with.
  • Make a pile of items you are pretty sure you want to get rid of. You’ll get a professional (second) opinion before letting them go.
  • Make a pile of clothes that need to visit the seamstress/tailor. A functional wardrobe fits and looks great.
  • Make sure all your accessories (shoes, boots, coats, jewelry, scarves, belts, etc.) are easy to access so we can go through them.

That’s it! A little organization goes a long way!

Will Rachel make fun of my clothes and make me throw them away?

Absolutely not! Rachel’s goal is for your experience to be fun and productive.  She understands that we all get a little bit sentimental about our clothes. While Rachel might encourage you to move items to a different room when you are not currently wearing them, she takes a soft, encouraging approach and will not start dumping your closet treasures into a garbage bag.

What is a Closet Consultation?

It’s making the most of your wardrobe!

Rachel will come to your closet and ask you a series of questions.

  • Describe your lifestyle. If you work outside your home, what is your appropriate work attire?
  • Do you need outfits for specific occasions, such as a vacation, networking event, media appearance, fundraiser, or interview?
  • What is your desired look or personal style? Do you feel Classic, Bohemian, Conservative, Funky, Comfortable?
  • Are there any colors, patterns, or styles that you have an aversion to?
  • Do you have any physical insecurities or injuries that prevent you from wearing certain clothing items?
  • What is your comfort level with and confidence in your wardrobe for these categories?
    • Date Night or Nights Out With Friends
    • Lunchtime Look
    • Comfy Casual
    • Athletic Gear
    • Work Clothes
    • Business Casual
    • Holidays
    • Weddings
    • Upscale

Styles Suited to Your Shape

During the entire process, Rachel will offer advice specific to your body. She’ll consider elements like what hemline is most flattering, what colors are best for your skin, what pant/jean cuts/styles are best for you, what kinds of belts are most flattering, what tailoring you should pay attention to, and what necklines and waistlines are most attractive for your shape.

Making the Most of the Clothes You Have

Rachel will go through your closet with you item by item, weeding out items that don’t fit into the wardrobe you are building together or are stained, faded, or pilled.

You’ll also identify items you have not worn in the past year or two. The two of you together will determine whether each piece fits, should be tailored, can be incorporated into an outfit, or has truly seen its better days and should be donated. If any of your articles need to be tailored, Rachel will talk you through options and refer you to her trusted seamstress.

If you love a piece but have no idea what to wear with it, Rachel will offer suggestions, pulling from items you already own, if possible.  If nothing catches her eye, she will offer suggestions as to what could be bought to make a complete outfit.

Considering Every Detail

Rachel will take a look at all of your footwear.  Do your heels or soles need some love from the shoe repair?  Are some of them outdated?  Could you get more versatility with your outfits if you expanded your selection to include another boot or shoe?  Rachel will recommend her favorite Pittsburgh shoe repair (or take them to him herself), weed out unnecessary footwear, and consider what options would add versatility to your collection.

Rachel will also look at other accessories, pair them with outfits, and offer suggestions for updates.

Follow-up Feedback

During the entire Closet Consultation process, Rachel will be taking notes. After your session is complete, she will type all the notes and email them to you. You can then edit them and ask additional questions that may have occurred to you post consultation.

Rachel’s services are billed at a rate of $200/hour. Visit the pricing page for more info.