“Rachel was a fashion powerhouse. She immediately went to work taking my clothes and stirring up totally new ideas about how to use them. She taught me about colors, textures and put things together in a way that demonstrated her absolute experience and professionalism. Who ever knew that fashion could be a practiced skill? The staff in my office was open mouthed for the next week after my consult, and this is without purchasing a single item of clothing. Her expertise is well worth the investment.”

Dr. Noe Woods

“I have to tell you that EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear something you helped me pick out, I get a compliment. Literally every single time!!! Everyone at work loves the clothes you select. And MY MOM (!) loves the clothes, too! THANK YOU!!!”

Deb Polk

“You are AWESOME!! Every look that you’ve created is FABULOUS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. I appreciate you every day.”

– Laurel Saylor

“Rachel, I am actually excited to pick out clothes tomorrow morning.  🙂  I think that’s a sign of a successful closet consultation!

You’re awesome at finding new ways to wear things I already have, and I really appreciate your upbeat personality.  I had a great time today and I can’t thank you enough.

Can’t wait for shopping…it’s thrilling to know that once we find a few key pieces, it will open up so many options for spring/summer.”


“I just got the pictures back (and) i love having them for reference. It has been so great having something to wear to all of our events this summer. I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to see you again!”

– Chrissy Burkett 

“I’m a middle-aged downtowner trying his best to persuade a lady into a date here and there.  I knew my schitzo closet was probably not helping. So, Rachel came over and removed three garbage bags worth of fashion awkwardness (i.e. shirts with blinding sheen, a leather suit, old man ties).

Then she and her perky assistant took the salvageable items and matched them up to create as many opportunities as possible.  We took pictures of this complex webbing of ties with shirts with sweaters with pants with jackets… She also took careful notes on items we could purchase to fill in holes. Since then she’s accompanied me on three outings to shop for clothing.

On our first outing the friends and family discount she gains at some places actually more than paid her fees. Pre-Vallozzi – I might utilize as little as 25% of the clothes I bought. Post-Vallozzi – I’m closer to 85% utilization of our purchases.  So, I think her services are not only fun and informative, but also cost-effective.  Pre-Vallozzi – maybe one date per month. Post-Vallozzi – Exhausted.  I think that says it all.”

Matthew Troup 

“Thanks so much Rachel. Yesterday was fun and it feels good to get rid of the stuff that didn’t fit me – both literally and figuratively! I should have called you a long time ago, but it’s nice to finally get a plan together and buy the right stuff. I feel more stylish already!”

– Tara Hoover 

Have you ever gazed into your closet full of clothes but feel like there’s nothing to wear? Do you have tops, pants or shoes that you don’t wear simply because there’s nothing to go with them?

If this sounds all too familiar you’ve come to the right place!

I am a middle aged mom who always envied other women that looked so “put together”. I’d heard of personal stylists but thought they only existed for the ‘stars’ in Hollywood. On a whim I did a Google search for personal stylists’ in Pittsburgh and, after reading through several bio’s decided to take the plunge and call Rachel! The results were amazing! Rachel helped maximize my existing wardrobe, create outfits I never thought of and helped purchase items to complete looks and add versatility. She also took pictures of each outfit with accessories so I could remember what went together! Dressing in the morning has never been so easy! And my friends tell me I have never looked so good! Go for it! You will be sooo glad you did!

– Dana