Racerback Cutouts and Side Split Pants

I love discount stores. I’m certain I have mentioned before that I am addicted to the hunt. I grew up shopping exclusively in thrift stores, Gabriel Brothers, and garage sales/yard sales. The rush I get when I find a gem hidden away in the most unlikely location is a thrill matched by nothing. This look, sans the Fluevog’s, is entirely patched together from those special moments.

Neon Racerback Cutout ShirtNeon Racerback Cutout

Yellow is my favorite color and the only yellow I can put against my skin is neon. Racerbacks are a freeing cut for women with chests and/or backs in larger proportion to their waists. The thin slices between the shoulder blades made this racerback all the more interesting and sexy. I cannot remember if this was a T.J.Maxx or Marshalls find, but it doesn’t matter. It was cheap and is perfect.

Silver Winged Vintage Collar NecklaceSilver Winged Vintage Collar Necklace

I can’t access the memory of finding this sliver winged vintage collar necklace. I know it has been with me for years and I have never again stumbled upon anything quite like it.

Mix 'N Match Vintage Earrings

Mix ‘N Match Vintage Earrings

Mix 'N Match Vintage EarringsMix ‘N Match Vintage Earrings

I also cannot tell you when the dangle earring entered my life, but the geometric shape earring came from a glorious junk store in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico called Frankie’s. At Frankie’s, Frankie himself will “Take care of you.” This earring was just one of many treasures I brought home from Frankie’s but there are so many others I sadly left behind. His store is THE Caribbean destination for my inner huntress.

Kerchief Side Split PantsKerchief Side Split Pants

Side split may not be the most accurate way to describe these perfect-for-air-conditioning-in-the-summer and comfortable as pj’s pants. They basically have a wrap leg situation happening that makes for amazing movement and show-a-little-skin surprises. Again, a T.J.Maxx or Marshalls deal never again seen anywhere else in my travels.