I love problem solving, especially when it involves combining my eye and fit expertise with each client’s core preferences. Maranda has a creative essence about her and she knows that part of herself very well. She is inspired by turquoise and a southwestern palette. Our closet consultation was about helping her refine her closet and learn what I needed to purchase to develop a comprehensive collection of business casual and fun casual clothes. We landed on two main priorities. The first was blouses, casual tees, and tanks that were tummy masking (lots of teals and blues!). Maranda already owned a collection of colorful shorts and cropped pants that worked great for her, so business and casual pants were not needed.

The second priority was two special occasion looks for her close friends’ weddings.

Maranda is a fan of separates so for the weddings we landed on a sexy printed pencil skirt and a-line blouse for one and a royal blue blouse, turquoise necklace, and coral pants for the other.

Maranda possesses an intuitive sense for accessorizing and in general did not need any help in pulling her new looks together. In follow-up discussions, Maranda now feels she has the knowledge and confidence to purchase new clothes for herself.


Date: 2018