Doreen’s Story

Meeting Doreen was a delightful experience.  She is a quality director for a local healthcare network.  Her co-workers used to refer to her as the “one with the crazy hair” but she tells me that after our shopping and styling sessions they now refer to her as “the one who dresses well.”

style consultant in pittsburghDoreen has been married 30 years and is the mother of 3.  Recently she became the grandmother of twin girl grand babies!  She also cares for one rescue dog and two rescue cats – all of them beautiful, loving creatures. Doreen enjoys being a barista at her church and calls herself “the Churchlady.”

Doreen’s Style

Doreen has such a free and adventurous personality. Fun facts – she got a tattoo on each foot at the age of 50 and people have been mistaking her for Pat Benetar since she was 18!
pittsburgh personal style consultant
When Doreen and I went shopping together, I chose this sweater because Doreen shines in chartreuse.  This color worked perfectly to brighten up her previously owned favorite pants.  We paired this combo with her own riding boots to finish her cozy yet pulled together Weekend Look.

For one of Doreen’s Office Looks I wanted to add something to her own brown leather skirt, brown riding boots, and oatmeal cardigan.  I found this tie-neck blouse in the perfect rust tone and finished the look with this gorgeous bronze necklace I found hanging on her wall.

Since our focus was Office Wear, our goal when shopping was to not only complete looks Doreen had started but also to bulk up this section of her closet.  This third look was purchased during our shopping trip and polished off with Doreen’s own necklace and purse.



Date: 2014