I met local film-makers Gab Cody and Sam Turich while working as a set costumer on the Kevin Smith movie “Zack and Miri”. They were playing the role of locals auditioning for a film. The next time I heard from them, they were making a short film for Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives and wanted me to play the part of a gallery worker and surprisingly maternal mom in “Mombies“.

I then dressed both of them in commercials for Animal. Before I knew it, Gab and Sam started working on “Progression,” a film based on Lawrenceville’s nomadic dinners. I got to play a part in the film AND act as costume designer. What an experience! I laughed more during that month of filming than i think i had the entire year.  The crew was a blast to work with and constantly creatively stimulating.  I loved every minute and everyone involved.

Progression is now in post-production.  I can’t wait to see it come together!