When entering this field, Rachel had the feeling of “coming home.” If you have experienced that eureka moment when you know you’ve chosen the correct career path because everything in the world suddenly becomes more saturated, then you understand Rachel’s moment of knowingness when she met her mentor.

Trained by an Industry Master

Rachel was trained by a well-known master of styling who had decided to alter his career path. Through a series of synchronistic events, Rachel was given the opportunity to be taken under his wing. She shadowed, assisted, and learned from him until he felt prepared to refer his clients to her. Rachel was honored to accept this challenge and set the intention to serve these clients as well as her mentor had served them. Rachel soon earned these inherited clients’ respect and satisfaction, then began to grow her client base.

For the past 7 years Rachel has been dressing people with varying lifestyles, different body types, ages, skin tones and hair colors.

One of the most rewarding parts of having a client-based business is learning to relate to people one on one. Rachel finds every relationship to be unique, special, exciting, and rewarding.