The Payoff

The PayoffThe Payoff

Get organized.

Rachel will streamline your closet, making sure that every item has a clear purpose. If your closet lacks organization, she will give you tips and resources to keep all your clothing and accessories in perfect order.  After your consultation, you will understand your wardrobe and be able to put outfits together quickly, easily, and confidently.

Radiate confidence.

Aside from Rachel’s style and fashion expertise, the most important thing she can offer is honesty. She will always be on the lookout for cuts, colors, styles, and shapes that flatter your figure and make you feel the most powerful.  She will take your insecurities into account and design your looks to mask them, helping you to feel great in all your clothes.

Improve your wardrobe.

In order to save as many items in your closet as possible, Rachel will advise you on how to update the pieces so the hemlines, necklines, and fit are flattering and current.  She will examine your footwear to decide which shoes and boots need to visit the shoe repair.  If you do not currently work with a seamstress or shoe repair, Rachel will refer her trusted favorites to you.  She will also take a look at the pieces you own and help you begin to identify what makes an item durable and what cheapens it – fabrics, buttons, tailoring, seams, etc.

Maximize what you have.

Rachel will help you make the most of your existing wardrobe. By layering, finishing outfits, and identifying what’s missing, she’ll make your entire wardrobe functional.  If you choose to journey through this entire process with Rachel, every item in your closet will become part of a formulated outfit. You’ll even get photos to remind you which pieces go together. Your style sense will grow, and after a while you’ll feel more comfortable mixing and matching your new and existing clothes.

Eliminate unnecessary expense.

Working with Rachel will eliminate unnecessary purchases of things you’ll never wear. One of the things you’ll learn is focused buying.  Together you will build a wardrobe, starting with key base pieces that transcend seasons and years. While shopping, she will show you what to purchase and why.

Rachel will discuss with you how to identify classic pieces that will give you great looks for years. She will also teach you how to recognize trends, tell whether they are right for you, and incorporate them into your personal style. You will also get tips on where to buy trendy items for less since they’ll go out of style quickly.

Dress for the occasion.

Part of your style consultation is creating outfits for each occasion in your life. Rachel will identify essentials like “out to dinner”,  “date night”, and “casual clothes you can step out in”. Because her services are tailored to you individually, Rachel will get you prepared for events that actually pop up in your own life. She will help you identify scenarios, design looks that you feel amazing in, and take photos labeled for those occasions.

Layering to effortlessly move through seasons.

Layering your clothes creates depth and stops you from pigeonholing your favorite look into one season.  Rachel will advise you about styles that you might overlook based on your personal aesthetic or skin color.  Some of the colors and patterns you’re unlikely to consider can provide valuable base layers for contrast. Rachel will teach you how to make these layers work for you, and make texture suggestions to add dimension.