What Works For You

What works for youWhat Works for You

Rachel tailors her personal shopping, styling, and consultation services to fit each client’s unique and individual needs.

Personalized Styling

Sometimes clients worry that Rachel will try to put her own funky style on them. The truth is, she’s found the style that works for her. Her role as an image consultant is to find what works for you!

A firm believer that true beauty shines through when you are comfortable, Rachel will help you find your own expression through comfort. She will take your concerns and preferences seriously to achieve a look that is truly yours.

The Right Questions

  • Does your career require a certain style of dress?
  • What kinds of places do you go for fun?
  • Do you like wearing heels?
  • Does jewelry drive you crazy?

Rachel will ask questions, listen carefully, and make style recommendations based on YOU.

What You Like (and What You Don’t)

Rachel will discuss with you what colors you love or hate, and explore hemlines, necklines, tailoring, budget, store preferences — anything that matters to you! You’ll also have the choice of starting with a closet consultation or jumping right into shopping.

Making Better Decisions

Just because a piece looks good on the rack doesn’t mean it was made for you. Rachel’s goal is to bring out your confidence and minimize insecurities. Anything that doesn’t work on your body won’t go into your new wardrobe. Part of the process is to consider your unique form and the cuts, colors, patterns, and shapes that bring out your best and help you shine.