How It Works

How it worksHow It Works

Building your personal style and a fresh, functional wardrobe is a journey. Your unique entry point depends on your own fashion sense, level of comfort with clothes, and personal preferences.

Start from Scratch

If you want to start at the beginning of that process with Rachel, her first recommendation will be a closet consultation, where she will gain an understanding of your personal style and what existing wardrobe items she has to work with. During this step, the two of you will streamline your closet, keeping only the pieces that are helpful.  Rachel will discover your desired visual identity, your insecurities, and your lifestyle.

Expand your Wardrobe

With the closet consultation complete, Rachel does focused buying to fill in the gaps  in your wardrobe and maximize your looks.  Then she revisits your closet to match up all of the completed outfits and take photos, categorizing them so that you have a reference for all occasions.

Go Boldly Forward

Since the personal styling and shopping process is interactive and educational, working with Rachel will help you understand your clothes, make better buying decisions, and feel confident when you step out into the world.