Geometric Shapes Pull Focus

Shapes hold so much power. When I see a perfect line or curve, be it in a face, architecture, furniture, or jewelry, I often stop mid sentence or thought and make loud exclamations, trying to get whomever I am with to share in my gleeful visual moment. These moments of inspiration are sometimes just that, an appreciation of the personalized beauty found everywhere, if you simply look. But other times, I am so compelled by the shape that I need to work with it, explore it. I need to learn what happens when cinched here or paired with this and placed there. Shapes are one element of play that bring joy to my work.

Geometric JewelryGeometric Jewelry

Madewell seems to have an endless supply of interesting rings which often get marked down and sit in a little bowl by the register. Intentional add-on merchandising, I know, but also good deals. These bullseye of a find double geometric earrings were scored at a church sale up the street from my house. I rolled in a bit late, but it worked to my advantage when I heard the announcement that all remaining items were 2 for $0.25. I grabbed these suckers while darting my eyes side to side and behind me expecting to have to fight someone for this deal…there was no one around. When I got them home and saw the perfect circular repetition with my ring, I couldn’t believe my good luck.


Vintage Elastic Cinched Waist Belt with Bronze Arrow ClaspVintage Elastic Cinch Waist Belt with Bronze Textured Clasp

I am of the strong opinion that cinched belts are often over used, added to outfits that would be better executed with clean lines. That being said, wearing a skirt that sits at or sometimes higher than your natural waist gives you an opportunity to rock the elastic cinch waist belt. And this bronze vintage textured arrow-like on leather version was a thrifted steal. These must have a firm fit to create the intended silhouette and they often stretch out with wear. I bring mine to my seamstress every couple of years to throw a seam in the back.

Vintage shirt FabricVintage Shirt Fabric

Skirt fabricSkirt Fabric

The mock neck geo print vintage sleeveless shirt was a fantastic thrift find and the black lace tube skirt is from Forever 21. I love the silhouette this creates, but I’m not going to lie. If you have the funds and are investing in a tube skirt, spring for one with thicker structure and sexy back seams. This was a cheap-o fill-a-need-quickly purchase and the fact that there are not seams in the back between my waist and the shelf of my booty to tighten drives me insane. I would also appreciate a thicker, more secure waist band.