Dead Stock Vintage Found in the most Unlikely of Places

When I made the decision to spend the worst Pittsburgh winter months in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was not surprised to find two handfuls of charming small boutiques locally owned and operated, curated with creative handmade clothing, accessories and home furnishings. Two months is a long time for someone who shops for a living to be on a budget in one neighborhood with no active client missions and therefore only herself to shop for. I spent many days perusing and supporting these small boutiques, carefully choosing a special treasure here and there, fighting the urge to purchase and style every amazing piece I happened upon. The only thing that was missing was the desire to satiate my thrift hunting nature. After many walks by this intriguing store named Bijou, the incense and curiously-dressed mannequins finally lured me in. The first thing to note was the cases of incense stacked floor to 15-foot ceiling running the length of three of the walls. My eyes followed the stacks up, then down and landed on the endless racks of guayaberas, traditional Puerto Rican button up collared shirts, and…belly dancing clothes. This product combination was not just uncommon, it stood alone. My hunting senses heightened, I quickly began scanning the racks. This store was just strange enough that I knew there were secrets lurking among the obvious. To my delight, tucked on one of the back racks between hippie dresses and velvet short sleeve boleros was this stellar neon orange jumpsuit circa late 80’s early 90’s. The seemingly random variety of patches sewn along the length of the jumper all say “By Aidash.” I purchased this number for $15.00 and feel like the luckiest girl in all of OSJ. I will be channeling my inner Lisa Left Eye Lopes and rockin’ this romper all over Pittsburgh this summer.

Full length 2 2-26-16

I chose to pair this mint and charcoal grey striped crop top with the jumpsuit to add a bit of dimension. The one long chain earring finished the funky vibe.

Top ff 2-26-16Chain Earring and Striped Crop Top

Best part of any dress, skirt, or jumpsuit? Pockets.

Pockets ff 2-26-16Pockets in Front of Jumpsuit

Pockets 2 ff 2-26-16

Ankles ff 2-26-16Elastic and Ruffle Ankle Detail

Patch 1 ff 2-26-16Patch 2 ff 2-26-16